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This site is dedicated my dad… Ret. Capt. Sam Davis. After retiring from the Air Force he started a small business catering to coon hunters. He began with designing and building coon hunting lights and wholesaling to others who also built lights. More than likely if you’ve bought a hunting light in the last 20 years, parts from it may have originated from my Dad’s shop. He later built the “RATS” tracking collars that many coon hunters and hog hunters use to track their dogs. He now offers super bright LED hunting lights under the name: “Superior Lites”.

Being an Air Force family, we traveled around A LOT, but one thing that was constant was coonhounds and coon hunting. For the 40 plus years that I’ve been alive, there has always been coon hounds around. I remember as a little kid riding Dad’s shoulders just to go coon hunting; having one of those big cheap yellow push button 6 volt hand-held lights and needing Dad’s old time metal hand warmers in the felt case just to stay warm. I also remember going to “dog trade days” and listening to Dad talk to EVERYONE about dogs and ending up at the pelt shops to sale his furs.

Dad used to have two of the biggest Treeing Walkers that I’ve ever seen, or at least that’s the way I remember it. They were aptly named Thunder & Lighting and they both were males. One night while we lived in Missouri, Dad decides he wants to go hunting, so we load up Thunder & Lighting and hit the woods. It was snowing out and the snow was already ankle deep to me, needless to say it was a job just trying to keep up with dad. We turned them loose and in no time they treed one of those big Missouri coons. We shot that coon out and decide to turn them loose again. Again they tree, but this time they were a pretty good piece away. I don’t remember who carried the gun and who carried the large dead coon, but I’m guessing the later job was mine. We finally get to the dogs and they have an even larger coon treed. We shot that coon out as well and attempt the trek back to the truck, taking turns hauling two very large coons and leading two herculean dogs in a foot of snow. It was a good piece back to the truck, my feet were frozen and my arms tired from carrying coons and leading dogs, but we eventually made it back. Dad swears that was the moment he broke me from coon hunting.

I started a website dedicated to Bird Dogs in 2005 called Gundog Central. I’ve had a lot of success from it and love doing it. I planned a hound version of the site for three or four years, but could never find the time to get it started. Today it’s a reality, I hope your enjoy it as much as I enjoy working on it.

Jeff Davis
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