Kennel Listings

You don't need a kennel account to post ad on this website. Anybody can post FREE classifieds, however a kennel account unlocks features not available to the FREE accounts.. This is a premium subscription service offered to kennel facilities, trainers, guide services and gaming preserves. Advertise your dogs on this site for a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods. All Kennel Accounts include unlimited classified ads, a photo gallery for your business or preserve, ability to add a You Tube video to each classified, add a photo album to each classified, a profile page dedicated to your kennel and links back to your kennels website.

FREE Account

This FREE kennel account allows you to associate your kennel with your classified ads. Each kennel account comes with a profile page dedicated to your kennel. This account allows you to link your ads back to your kennel website. This FREE account allows for 2 pictures per classified. Your ads will not expire so long as you have an active account, however your ads will still need to be approved. Approval process can take 24 to 48 hours. Also included in this package is the ability to create a photo gallery limited to 10 pictures. To use this account, you must include a link back to our home page on your website. Once you have the link setup, you'll need to Contact Us and let us know it's complete, please include your website address.

Standard Account

The Standard Kennel Account offers the same features as the FREE account, but includes the ability to have 4 photos with each classified and 20 photos in your photo gallery. Your ads will still have to be approved, but will not expire so long as your account is active.

This account is $20 / Year

Professional Account

The Professional Account gives you the ultimate power, letting you post, edit and delete classifieds bypassing the approval process. Your ads display instantly on the site, edit as much as you like. Your classifieds can have up to 8 photos and your photo gallery is limited to 30 photos. Your ads will still be subject to our rules.

This account is $60 / Year