A plea to hound lovers--I fear for my dogs life.

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A plea to hound lovers--I fear for my dogs life.

by ANGIE SOPHINA on 02:01:19 PM 06/30/2013 - [ Send Private Message ]

You may have seen my ad for Bishop (aka Young Yeller) the blackmouth cur. I am a disabled veteran and Bishop was given to me so that he might become a service dog. When I agreed to take him I was told he was a different breed, but soon recognized the previous owners were mistaken. Although he has learned much; this job really does not suit him, he is a hunter at heart and I need wheels to keep up with him (prey beware!). Keeping him in this line of work would be asking him not to be himself. It would not be right for me to say he is a bad dog just because the work does not suit him. He is a good dog, who would be a better dog if he were able to use his talents even in an unconventional way such as police work (criminals beware!).

Sadly, those are not my worse concerns. I fear that the actions of my neighbors will cause this dog harm if I do not find him a good home. Long-story-short, while they pretend to be his friends, they do things to get him into trouble or into unsafe situations. These include such things as using whistles to make him bark when he would otherwise be quietly enjoying himself outside; loosening his collar and tether so he can get in trouble either with the landlord or lure him where there are cars so he might be hit. The list goes on; but the landlord and authorities have not been much help without verifiable proof, such as a corpse.

So you can see why I am pleading in this forum that other dog lovers will help me find Bishop a safe home with someone who needs a good hound. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

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