The Great Miami Beagle Club

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The Great Miami Beagle Club
Free Short Pike
Camden, OH 45311 USA
[email protected]

The Great Miami Beagle Club Is A proud member of The Mid-West Beagle Gun dog Association. It was the first of the three clubs that were organized in 1980 to form The Mid-West Beagle Gun Dog Association. They were, Great Miami, Jessamine County, and Scioto Valley, that consisted of rabbit hunters and beagle enthusiasts who were not satisfied with the AKC registered beagle as a hunting and/or competition hound of that day. The object of the association is to: ....encourage and promote the breeding of AKC registered beagles and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection, and to promote said beagles as hunting hounds.
This idea has caught the interest of many beaglers across the country and is regarded highly by them for the commitment to strive for excellence in the total beagle. The number of member clubs have grown steadily through the years to 19. Those clubs span across 8 states consisting of: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, & West Virginia. The emphasis has been on quality not quantity in clubs and entries.
The proof of the quality of the Midwest hound is our hounds not only winning in
our own association, but them winning and placing from Canada to the Louisiana and several points in between as well. If the association can keep the support among its clubs and the commitment for excellence, we should prosper for several years to come.
The Great Miami Beagle Club is located in Camden, OHIO and holds 1 to 2 trails per
year and 1 to 2 derby trials per year. We welcome all that may be interested in joining
and becoming a member of our club. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about us, any questions you may have please feel free to contact us. Thank you and happy hunting.

Staff Members

- Don Hoog - President
- [email protected]
- (937)-545-2531

- Joe clark - Secretary
- [email protected]
- 937-733-1431

- Jason Poteet - Board of Directors
- [email protected]
- 937-301-9071

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